It is a known fact that slots is a game of luck. So it is natural that the results are random. In fact, all online slots websites are required to use software for random number generation so each game is fare. So once you spin the reels, there is no telling what the result may be.

However, there are still a few tricks you can use to at least increase your likeliness of winning; if not ensuring it. This is also a great way to limit your losses. If you choose to use these strategies, you must make sure you do not use the auto-spin type game since you need to control your sequence of betting.

Umbrella Strategy

When using the Umbrella, a player is supposed to start playing with a large bet and then gradually decrease it. The element of control comes from your ability to increase your bets and aim for a maximum. However, make sure you do not forget to decrease your bets once this is done.

Baby Steps Strategy

In this strategy, the player is supposed to decide the amount to be placed on each individual bet. This has more to do with the betting pattern than the amount being betted. Here, the player must start with a small amount and then gradually increase the betting amount as the machine warms up. This strategy works on the assumption that the machine starts giving more favourable results when heated up.

Ladder Strategy

In this method, players place their bets depending on the previous outcome. The player is supposed to assume an average number of coins and begin betting on that basis. This changes from game to game. If you manage to find a win in this, you can use the same coin on three more spins. On the other hand, if you don’t find success in a spin, you decrease the number of coins being betted on the next spin. If your bad luck continues, you can try using a single coin for all the spins. If you still lose, you can move on to another game. This is the best way to reduce your losses.

Shotgun Strategy

In the shotgun method, the player is supposed to play various games of slots at the same time. So once the player puts aside a certain number of coins for betting, a specific pattern must be followed. Once a player uses a particular sequence in one game, a new one should be used in the next one.

This is a great method if you are looking for the most rewarding game within a quick span of time. It is great for players who have limited bankrolls and need to set their limits clear. When playing the game, it helps to have determined a loss limit and a naked pull. So you can keep using one coin till the time you reach your loss limit or naked pull. Once you reach either of the two, you can move on to another game. However, make sure you do not leave a machine when its hot.