How does an Online Slots Tournament Work?

Online slots tournaments are more popular than ever now. Many online casinos offer slots tournaments to their customers and these come in many forms. From guaranteed prize pool tournaments with buy-ins to freeroll tournaments, it is not hard to find what you are looking for online.

Entering an Online Slots Tournament

Firstly, you must decide what sort of tournament you want to participate in. Do you want a guaranteed prize pool or do you want free entry (a freeroll tournament)? If you prefer a guaranteed prize pool, you must choose a tournament with a buy-in to suit your bankroll.

You must be signed up with the casino before you can enter a tournament. Once you have signed up, pay your buy-in fee. You will then either be given a certain amount of free credits or a specific amount of free time within which to play. You will be able to use the free credits of free time on specific slots games.

How to Play

How you play will depend partly on what type of tournament you entered. If you were given free time with which to play you will want to get as many spins into that time as possible because the more spins you get in, the more chances you will have of winning. If you are given free credits you can spend more time trying to find the best machine for you.

Most online casinos will run their tournaments with play money. This means that all you can win is the prize money and all you can lose is your buy-in fee. The disadvantage of this is that if you hit a jackpot on a progressive machine when playing, you will not win the jackpot amount, but on the other hand there is no huge risk involved that you may lose everything.

Always keep an eye on the leaderboard – it will let you know where you stand so that you know if you can stop playing or not. You are able to start or end your play at any time within the specified time that the casino has set for the tournament.

Tournament rules may vary slightly between online casinos. While the game play itself will be similar, they may give you credits or time with which to pay. They may allow re-buys once you have finished your credits and their payout systems may be different. By understanding the rules, you may vary the way that you play.

Why Play in Online Slots Tournaments?

Online slots tournaments are a lot of fun. You can potentially win a large payout for a small investment. All you need to pay is the buy-in fee and if you play in a free tournament you will not even have to pay that. Around holiday times it is possible to find freerolls with large payouts. Online slots tournaments are easily available these days and make a nice change from traditional gambling games at the online casino.