Online Slots Strategy Guide

The outcome of slots games is completely random. In fact, slots games make use of a random number generator to ensure fairness. In other words, once you have begun the reels spinning you have no control over whether you win or lose.

However, that being said, there are some strategies that you can use to try to increase your chances of winning – or at least decrease how much you may lose. When using strategies to play online slots games, you cannot make use of the auto-spin function at the casino as you need to be in control of your betting sequence and amounts.

Umbrella Strategy

When using the umbrella strategy you must increase the overall amount that you bet and then decrease it. You have some control over this strategy as you can decide how quickly you want to increase you bets or how long you want to bet the maximum for, but you must always decrease your bets again.

Baby Steps Strategy

The baby steps strategy allows players to decide how much to place on each bet. It does not dictate the amount, but rather the pattern of betting. Players must begin by betting small and increase their bets slowly over time as the machine has time to warm up. The aim is that the machine will be hot by the time you place your large bets and that even when you lose, you will not have lost much of your bankroll.

Shotgun Strategy

The aim of the shotgun strategy is to play for a short period of time on multiple games. Players put aside 15 coins to play on each game and must stick to the specific pattern of betting – 1-2-3-4-5. Once you have bet your sequence, you move to the next game and start with a new sequence.

This strategy aims to find the most productive game as quickly as possible. This strategy is ideal for some-one with a limited bankroll and it requires you to set clear limits. You must set a naked pull and loss limit. Bet with one coin only per spin until you reach your naked pull or loss limit, in which case you must stop and move on to the next game. Never leave a hot machine.

Ladder Strategy

The ladder strategy requires you to bet based on the outcome of the previous spin. You begin by betting the average number of coins for the game you are playing (this will vary between games). If you win your spin, you then increase your bet by one coin on the next spin. If you lose your spin, you then decrease your bet by one coin on your next spin. If you continue to lose, you can bet with one coin for three spins in a row, but if you still lose on the next spin, you must leave the game and move on to a new game. This methodical approach to betting aims to limit your losses.